Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No. 12 Looks Just Like You "Synth Pop Radio" cassette (self released/2000)

A real quick post today because I am off to see the Mountain Goats in a bit...

I know what you what you are thinking, no, this is a completely different band. In fact they came first. THIS No. 12 Looks Just Like You was a all female indie pop/rock band that formed in 1995. Both were clever enough however to name themselves after one of the best Twilight Zone episodes. The No. 12 Looks Like Just You is band I heard of for awhile but never actually saw play live until 1998 and it was certainly a welcomed stray from the norm. Back then sadly I could barely count on one hand how many bands had females involved. Not only was taking a bite out of the gender ratio welcomed from my point of view but No. 12's carefree, loose basement pop was a breath of fresh air from the myriad of white suburban angst that bands in the local scene seemed to embrace oh so much. I was able to book No. 12 on a few shows and even include their song "Kisslisp" on The Hope Machine.  I am not certain if the band released anything outside of this cassette Synth Pop Radio  which is 13 tracks of lo fi, loose and quirky basement pop that to my ears is a mixture of Bis, Dressy Bessy, early Bratmobile and The Beat Happening.

No. 12 Looks Just Like You Synth Pop Radio track listing
1. Play It On Your Stereo
2. Kisslisp
3. This is Howe
4. Let's Rap! With Rockin' Rikki Rachtman
5. Sunset Drive
6. Hungry Hungry Hippos
7. Symphony #12
8. All About Your Love
9. Keyboard of Doom
10. How to Eat Humans: 101
11. #12 U.S
12. It's Musty Down Here
13. Icabod Crane

Download Here

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Smash the State...Not my House

It has been awhile since I have done one of these... Here is a flier for a show that Yes Sensei's original drummer set up in his back yard.  It was a lot of fun. A beautiful Long Island summer outdoors show with solid tunes. If I remember Davecat's mom fired up the barbecue too which was always stellar. Man, did Yes Sensei miss moving its practices to Dare where there was not any barbecue to be had. Davecat threw a drum stick at Paul at this show for forgetting how to play the then just new tune "Progress is Dead" which is one of the few times I have seen Paul genuinely pissed off.

This was the first time that we played with Chromelodeon whom were buddies of Dave from his days at Temple. We played them a bunch back then and it was always fun. They came to Long Island and we went to Philly both a bunch.

Radio Raheem played  and if memory serves me correct they barely got half way through their set before the fucking cops shut it down. Playing with Radio Raheem back then was for us a real treat as finally we didn't feel like the black sheep of Long Island music. In them we found sonic and spiritual brothers. Also they gave a whole new meaning to being eastern Long Island band. I mean fucking Quogue? Soundly I didn't sound as out east anymore being from Rocky Point. They had me beat by another 45 minutes east bound for sure. They eventually changed their name to Rahim and released a couple of records on French Kiss, however still managed to rule. Even though they stopped playing "Aloha" (and the rest of the Radio Raheem era tunes). Though, props for them actually playing "Aloha" when the opened for Les Savy Fav at the Bowery Ballroom.

I will be uploading some Radio Raheem VERY soon but in the mean time here is a Rahim track called "One At a Time" from their Jungles EP:
Download RAHIM "One At a Time"

Also in the spirit of things here is a Yes Sensei track called "What's the Matter Matterman?" from our first album What I Do Best is What I Do Worst which is still available for sale ($6 PPD in the US) at Rok Lok Records
Download YES SENSEI "What's the Matter Matterman?"

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fellow Project "Where's the Wire?" 10 inch (Make Or Break Records/2004)

Okay. I lied this is the last Fellow Project I will upload. Well maybe that is a lie too. It is just that all of the other releases are still readily available. As far as I can tell Where's the Wire? is pretty much only available from the band. So after you download this awesome album be sure to go see them live and buy the 10 inch from them (as well as all of their other available awesome music) so you can spin this great record on your turntable. Where's the Wire? is still beginning to end probably my favorite Fellow Project record. It is the last overtly folk rock influenced record that the band did as everything since has been more rock/post punk influenced which still certainly rules but definitely the sound on the first three Fellow Project records is what I love most about the band's ever growing discography. The band's releases always have great vocals and lyrics and for my money Where's the Wire? is coming up aces in both of those categories.  This is also the last album that original drummer Adam Kuhn played on. Where's the Wire? is wonderful 10 inch record that comes with a bonus cd that includes a song that is not on the record. And because I am such I good sport I am sharing that track with everyone as well.

If for some reason you missed my previous two entries about the first two Fellow Project albums Watch It! and If We Were Mariachis I highly recommend you go back and download those two albums. Especially if you like listening to great music there is no reason why you shouldn't download all the Fellow Project albums I have made available here. And do yourself, the band, and the labels who have released their music over the years by adding their available releases to your record collection. In recent years they have released music on Dead Broke Records, Kiss of Death and even my own Rok Lok Records.

Fellow Project Where's the Wire? track listing
1. Doom?
2. Vamanos
3. Papillion
4. Songs Are Like Bugs
5. The Pace
6. Scrap
7. Races
8. Where's the Wire?
9. Sunrise* (cd bonus track)

Download Here

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Power-Lloyd "Live From Bluffington; Live From the Honker Burger" cassette (self released/2000)

Here is a rare slice of eastern Long Island tuneage courtesy of lo fi collage/noise pop trio Power-Lloyd. And God help you if you forget the damn hyphen! I am not sure if it was the water we drank, growing up near a nuclear power plant that never opened or just digging on the finest fuzz box happy indie/alternative rock that the 90s had to offer that caused a bunch of the bands in eastern Long Island to make so much darn noise in the late 90s/early 2000s. Armed with a four track (my old Fostex I believe) and a lineup of instruments that defy convention (seriously seeing Mark Gill play a vacuum cleaner is one of the best things I have ever seen) Power-Lloyd played lo fi collage/noise pop that was just the sound of three friends having a good time. No pretentions or anything like that. Like I said just three friends getting in front of a 4 track and saying "Go". What came out was a mystery to even them I presume much less listeners. But for you folks who need reference points to click "download here" to put things simply Power-Lloyd reminds me of a combination of the snippets of sound collage on Olivia Tremor Control records, Beck's Stereopathetic Soul Manure, Edith Presler and God is My Co-Pilot. In addition to jangly guitar chords, bass, and vocals added to the arsenal of sound were various children's toys that produced sounds, drum machine, various percussion, whistles, and various sound makers. Oh yeah did I mention a vacuum? I did but I like that so much that I'll mention it again.

Power-Lloyd consisted of Jason Cassara, who collaborated with me on the Stars Are Insane album Justin Age 8 and Chris Grant and Mark Gill both of whom were in my first band Pale Marble Movie. Gill was briefly the bassist of Prescott C and recorded the Low Flying Planes EP with them. Anyhow back to Power-Lloyd... They recorded their lone release which was packaged in a fun grab bag of goodies (which I have lost. Shame on me...) Live From Bluffington; Live From the Honker Burger for the most part on 4 track in various spaces in the Rocky Point/Shoreham area but two tracks I believe were recorded at the North Shore Public Library from the same show that Stars Are Insane performed. (See this post to download the Stars Are Insane set if you missed it.) And if you are wondering if Live From Bluffington; Live From the Honker Burger is a Doug reference, the answer is most certainly yes. In fact check out Power-Lloyd's re-imagining of The Beets' "One Little Voice" for further Doug references.

Power-Lloyd were a ton of fun the few times they played and so is Live From Bluffington; Live From the Honker Burger. Anyhow Power-Lloyd certainly isn't for everyone because quite simply most people don't know how to have fun. Somehow I have to convince Mark to make a guest appearance playing some vacuum on the next Stars Are Insane album...

Power-Lloyd Live From Bluffington; Live From the Honker Burger track listing
1. Jelly Belly Blues
2. Israeli Sub Machine Gun
3. Math Camp
4. Vegetable Bitch (A Chorus of Boris)
5. One Little Voice
6. Upwelling

Download Here

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Microwave Orphans "Orange Julius" cassette (Eiffel Trousers Records/1998)

Hey folks here is quick post today with some studio material from the one, the only- The Microwave Orphans! This cassette release Orange Julius was limited to 40 copies and unless I am completely off my rocker it was a preview to the official release of these tracks on the band's split cd with 48 in the Basement Young N Abrasive as the five recordings that appear here are on that said split. If my memory serves me correct these tapes were unveiled at Microwave Orphan's appearance at the Cancer Sucks Festival. Each of one of these tapes were numbered and each came with a orange julius recipe and a "trading card" sticker of a drawing of a band member. Mine came with Computron Rsgmd (aka guitarist/keyboardist Matt Dallow). See the picture below.

I hope everyone has been enjoying the previous Microwave Orphans cassette I posted a short time ago called Precise Microwave Orphans  Order: 17 of the Worst Performances. If you have I am sure you'll also dig Orange Julius. While the live cassette documented all the chaos, and insanity of Microwave Orphans shows Orange Julius captures the beast in the studio a bit more contained but instead really showing off its slick new wave tinged punk rock colors nicely. Personally, I enjoy listening to these tunes on their own sans sharing space with 48 in the Basement. That band outside of a couple of tunes was never really my cup of tea.

The Microwave Orphans Orange Julius track listing
1. Busted Amps and Broken Strings
2. Orange Julius
3. Jenny
4. Brisket
5. Shattered Window

Download Here

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stars Are Insane "Live Reading" (unreleased live recording/2000)

For those unaware Stars Are Insane is a home recording "solo" project that  I have been doing since 1998. The bulk of the material has been recorded by myself via four track but I have had accompaniment and collaboration at times on the recordings and for live performances. Through the six albums (as well as whole slew of unreleased stuff) I have done under the name I have channeled the influences of shoegaze, lo fi, Shrimper Records, tape labels, Sebadoh/Sentridoh, My Bloody Valentine and Dump amongst others. From 1999 to 2001 is when I was most active with the project mainly because of the laid back and secluded living situation I had at the time. In those years I released four full length cassette tapes as well recorded a unreleased album. At this point Stars Are Insane only existed in a live forum on a limited basis doing a few acoustic shows. But for the most part the Stars Are Insane project was mainly just a home recording project  to do the things that I felt I couldn't do with a band.

For the third Stars Are Insane album Justin Age 8 I collaborated with my friend Jason Cassara. After we finished recording the album we decided to test the material out live and the album I present to you here today is a recording of the first show that he and I did. Live Reading, is a name I devised to formally document our inaugural non solo performance at North Shore Public Library on July 7th 2000. Personally, I couldn't think of another venue back then that would have be as inviting for a project like this to exist in a live forum. A few of the songs "Big Circles, Moons and Stars" as well as "Gravity" were included on the So. I Dreamed of Noise four cd-r set that collected the first four albums as well as unreleased and live material. Additionally, the version of "Fuck Lando and His Gambling Problem" that appears here is the same that appears on Justin Age 8. Cassara and I  did a few more shows together and later on even did a couple with Dave Armone involved in the fray when the fourth cassette, Gay came out.

I don't want to rant on to much about my project but just the same I would like people to check out the music. Most of the releases are out of print, though I have a brand new cd-r called A Plan...A Perfect Disaster out now, though half the pressing is already gone. A "selected works" cd-r called Partial History  will be coming out soon. I shall post the complete discography below with links to the Bandcamp so you can at least stream everything. All the albums are on Last FM as well. I'll be working on music for new releases for later this year. If anyone out there is doing a compilation please let me know as I'd love to contribute something.

One last thing before I go...I didn't have any photos of Stars Are Insane shows so I posted a photo that I believe Jon Kaplan took at a show at The North Shore Library that Book Store and Bo Coach played. I was playing Velvet Underground's "Heroin" with Bo Coach and at the end I believe I ran into the audience and tackled Joey from Book Store to close it out in chaotic fashion.

Stars Are Insane Discography:

  • Gracias cassette (Rok Lok Records)(September 1999) (out of print) Listen on Bandcamp
  • Anonymously Yours cassette (Rok Lok Records) (February 2000) (out of print) Listen on Bandcamp
  • Justin Age 8 cassette (Rok Lok Records) (July 2000) (out of print) Listen on Bandcamp
  • Gay cassette (Rok Lok Records) (October 2000) (out of print) Listen on Last FM
  • 9 Untitled Songs cd-r (Rok Lok Records) (August 2005) (out of print) Listen on Bandcamp
  • So. I Dreamed of Noise four cd-r set (Rok Lok Records)(January 2006) (out of print) Listen on Bandcamp
  • "I Said It" on I Know Why They Call It Pop cassette compilation (Rok Lok Records) (December 2010)
  • A Plan...A Perfect Disaster cd-r (Rok Lok Records) (February 2011) Listen on Bandcamp

Stars Are Insane Live Reading 7/7/2000  track listing
1.The Admiral
2. Big Circles, Moons and Stars
3. Gravity
4. Those Are the Most Deadliest Scorpions I Have Ever Seen
5. I Stayed Up All Night Thinking of You (New Wave Reprise)
6. I Hereby Make An Anatomical Gift
7. Fuck Lando and His Gambling Problem

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Backspace "Backspace" cassette (self released/2002)

Between my neighbor sawing and hammering away at building a deck at 8 AM, house mates talking in the kitchen which is adjacent to my room and the dog freaking out I have been awoken prematurely from my slumber. 8 AM isn't very early but considering I haven't been able to fall asleep until 3 or 4 every morning that leaves my body craving (and needing) more rest. So why not fight fire with molten lava?

Today's upload comes from Backspace which is Jay, Ren and Robbie from Sometimes Walking Sometimes Running giving us a two fiery blasts of instrumental drone/noise/power electronics. I received this tape in a care package from Ren back in 2005 which he sent along with a copy of the unreleased Scent of Human History album and a copy of what was then called United States Demo Tape Riots (see pic below), which ultimately became the band's 12 inch/cd/tape Divorce Songs. In the note that Ren sent me along with the goodies this is what he had to say about Backspace:

The Backspace tape is some stuff that Jay, Robbie and I did on 12/30/02. Bored, stoned and stuck indoors. side B is much better than side A, but it works better after you sit thru side a. I recommend listening to it in the car...loud. 

From what I can gather this Backspace tape wasn't formally distributed/released instead it was a private press kind of thing where only copies were made for friends and that sort of thing. I showed it to Jay a few months ago when his awesome new band Risk was recording in the basement and he was surprised to see I had a copy or that Ren even made copies of it. So needless to say I feel grateful that Ren decided I was worthy enough to receive a copy of this. And really I think that is how music is best shared- amongst friends. I know music of this kind definitely does not have a broad fan base and it takes a very specific pair of ears to appreciate it but once you do your ears lock into the sounds swirling around and hear something rather pleasurable and dare I say soothing. Maybe I am messed up but stuff like this does relax me quite a bit. The little dense,droning melodies that keep things moving along in time all the while hypnotic feedback, hiss and tape manipulation are occurring around it. In listening to this Backspace cassette  one can certainly hear how this type of music and experimentation seeped through into Scent of Human History's sound, particularly the unreleased album so with that being said I do firmly feel that fans of Scent of Human History who while themselves perhaps wouldn't identify themselves as noise/drone fans would certainly find value in listening to this. It is easy to connect the dots. So whether in your room on your stereo or as Ren suggests in your car, play this motherfucker LOUD.

Download Here

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Intransit "Demo" cassette (self released/1999)

Why am I still up at 2:30 am?? Being unemployed makes one not only poorer but sleep deprived and a little batty...

One of the earliest post on this blog was a the self titled four song cdep from the Selden based Intransit. In that post I mentioned that the band had one other release, a previous demo cassette and that I would upload it at some point. Well that point is now. This is a five song effort showcasing five excellent mid tempo post hardcore tunes that recall the sounds of Quicksand, Hum and Jawbox. This four piece consisted of Mark Pernice (guitar/vocals), Scott Altman (guitar), Karen Ciafonne (bass) and Steve Gache (drums). Pernice and Altman went on to play in Come Down while Ciafonne and Gache went on to play in This Year's Model and Bravado, though Gache would trade in the drum kit for guitar duties in both of those bands. Anyhow, Intransit were a good band with good people but unfortunately that wasn't enough to keep the ship afloat as the band disbanded not to long after the release of the self titled cdep. Which is an absolute shame as I felt around that time the band's sound was really starting to shine and if I am not mistaken the lion's share of that material was never recorded. With those later songs I felt a strong Hum Downward is Heavenward influence especially on the guitar sounds as they were getting really thick sounding. I would almost say that there was a hint of shoegaze influence towards the end but alas some things just aren't meant to be documented, just to happen in the moment. Regardless, I feel fortunate that I got to watch the band develop in a short period of time.

I would say that on this five song demo cassette there is more of emphasis on the Quicksand and Jawbox influence, which of course is never a bad thing. It is solid. Also I am certain that the version "Netself" on this demo is the same that appears on the cdep. The one thing I will say is that I wish everyone could see the packaging/layout on this tape as I always found it very striking. Granted by today's standards no big deal but back in 1999 just about every demo or even any other DIY release looked like dog shot, so to get this demo with a full color glossy double sided j-card and printed cassette labels it was a real treat. Anyhow check out the Intransit Demo and if you missed it go back and download the self titled cdep.

Intransit Demo track listing
1. Redshift
2. Netself
3. Now You've Done It
4. Otto
5. Gestalt

Download Here

Monday, March 14, 2011

Five Days Late "A Few Words For Thought" cassette (Ruckus Records/1999)

This is going to be a real short one today. But all you need to know are two words: pre Latterman. 'Nuff said

Hey Latterman fans here is one more piece to the puzzle in your collections. And no I am not selling this... Here we have the only release from Five Days Late which was three fourths of what went on to become the original line up of Latterman. Five Days Late consisted of future Latterman members Matt Canino (bass/vocals), Phil Douglas (guitar/vocals) and Dan Sposato (guitar), with George Dehaven playing drums. A Few Words for Thought isn't too far off from what early Latterman sounded like with a heavy influence coming from bands like No Use For a Name and Face to Face. Even lyrically it touches on some of the same things that Latterman did in those early years. I know right now somewhere if they hear about this post, both Canino and Douglas are putting their hands to their faces wondering when I'll be done bringing  dusty nuggets out of the past. I think this is it. Or is it...............

Five Days Late A Few Words for Thought track listing
1. Explanation
2. Falling Back
3. How Many Days
4. Starting Point
5. They Are Gone

Download Here

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Prescott C "2 Song Tape" cassette (self released/2000)

Previously I had posted a release from Bricks For Shoulders called You Are Therefore I am and in that post I mentioned that Bricks For Shoulders came from the ashes of the band Prescott C. Here is a release from that band. I am not sure if the cassette has an official name or not but I just refer to it at as 2 Song Tape because well there are two songs on it...I picked up this cassette for myself and the distro at a show that my old band played with Prescott C at The Classic Cakes Cafe. Man that was a fun spot for shows. Th lead track "What I Learned at the Opera" appeared on The Hope Machine compilation  and the other track "This Is My Spring" only appeared here. Anyhow, Prescott C was a loud, bombastic post hardcore guitar/drums duo with both members trading off vocals. Their music was a mix between bands like Smile, Sleepytime Trio, Hum, and Kerosene 454. They used to play out a lot and they were rather prolific with releases in their time as a band. I am never quite sure why Prescott C were never really able to solidify someone in the bass role but regardless they were able to keep everything sounding tight as just a duo. Guitarist Steven Dejoseph played blisteringly loud through two guitar cabinets and Tom Crooke pounded away on the skins furiously ultimately proving to be quite a formidable live band.

Listed below is a discography of the band's output to the best of my recollection. I am pretty sure that I am missing a few comp appearances.

-Somewhere in the Distance cassette/cd-r
-2 Song Tape cassette
-Low Flying Planes EP cd-r
-Unreleased ep

Download Here

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Waiting Process "A Lesson in Broken English" cassette (self released/1999) + comp track

There was a time when bands that sounded like The Get Up Kids didn't flat out annoy me and a band of that ilk that I happened to enjoy very much so was The Waiting Process. I happened to see their first show at the Rock Lobster back with their original singer and by the time I contacted them a couple of months later about coming out to eastern Long Island to play a show I was booking at the MOD Center with On the Might of Princes and my old band they had already got a new singer. Gone was the endearing heart on the sleeve kind of mid paced emo that I saw them play at their first show but in its place was a more upbeat and energetic brand of poppy Get Up Kids emo. And you know what I preferred it.  In addition to bringing the new sound with them to the show they also brought these sweet looking, shrink wrapped cassettes called A Lesson In Broken English which I nabbed and am now sharing with all of you. I haven't looked at this cassette much less listen to it in a long, long time but I never released how much the cover art looks like Knapsack's Day Three of My New Life, aesthetically speaking that is. That aside-in listening to this cassette for the first time in a long time I do have to say while it is dated in the late 90s Long Island emo sound I find myself still loving the parts I used to love when this tape got a lot of play on my tape deck. The song "September Fading" found its way onto a lot of mix tapes I made back in the late 90s especially when making tapes for pen pals when I was trying to send friends abroad a taste of Long Island.

I booked The Waiting Process a few times and they even gave me the tune "Something Bigger Than The Both of Us" for The Hope Machine compilation. On the cd-r they gave me with that song there were a few other new tunes and I am not sure if those were ever released. I need to check and see if still have that cd-r and if so I'll be happy to upload those tunes. Eventually the band broke up and I do know that the guitarist Derrick played in The Reunion Show and is currently playing with Sainthood Reps. I recently ran into Christopher, the vocalist who appears on all of the Waiting Process  releases, and while he didn't speak of any music projects he did inform me that he is working on a graphic novel. And being a comic nerd I am pretty stoked to hear that and eventually check that out.

By the way ever wonder where Taking Back Sunday got the name of their band? Check the track listing out...

The Waiting Process A Lesson in Broken English track listing
1. Skyline Drive
2. September Fading
3. A Lesson in Broken English (All and Every Word)
4. Paula's Song
5. Taking Back Sunday

The Hope Machine compilation
"Something Bigger Than the Both of Us"

Download Here

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Microwave Orphans "Precise Microwave Orphans Order: 17 of the Worst Performances" cassette (Eiffel Trousers Records/1998)

This one was a bit challenging to rip considering how everything was haphazardly sequenced together so I do hope I that charm comes through digitally. Personally I love the presentation of this live tape as it has that old school "bootleg" quality. I have mentioned Microwave Orphans before in various posts I have made about Eiffel Trousers Records, the awesome label run by the MxOx's front man Matt Roren, but this is the first release I have been able to upload of theirs. I am not sure how Matt or the band or anyone else feels about this but personally I feel this is the best way to introduce folks to what The Microwave Orphans were all about. Their more proper releases while chock full of excellent pop punk/new wave tunes I never felt those releases were successful in conveying to listeners anywhere the same off the cuff, zany experience that were the band's live shows. Recordings in a studio just can't capture that. Their songs weren't math rock it was just simple fun punk but every time you saw them it was a different experience. I mean the only constant was that Matt would usually strip down to his tight whiteys...I must've seen them play the same ten songs for about a year straight and I never once minded because it was so much fun.

Musically speaking The Microwave Orphans played a mixture of pop punk 'ala Vandals and Nofx mixed with stuff like Devo, The Dead Milkmen and Modern Lovers (bands they all covered too!) crossed with the unpredictable stage antics of the Butthole Surfers.  Precise Microwave Orphans Order: 17 of the Worst Performances chronicles various live performances many from former Long Island DIY show spots long gone from the years 1997-1998 and the title is rather misleading. Yes, there is chaos and tom foolery in abundance but I think this tape does an outstanding job of documenting one of the most entertaining live bands Long Island has ever had.

The Microwave Orphans issued several tapes and few cds all under the Eiffel Trousers Records label as well as bunch of compilation appearances. Since their break up Matt Roren went on to sing for The Reprecussions as well as Lord Humongous in addition to his own solo project The Matt Roren Karaoke Experience which relived some the off the wall, humorous entertainment that fans came to expect with The Microwave Orphans. The original bassist of Yes Sensei, Paul Como played in the band. Come to think of it Andre Bermudez (also a Yes Sensei alumni as well as Space Robot Scientists and Freaks From the Apocalypse) held down low end for the band for a spell. There were many members over the years in the band that it almost gives Guided By Voices a run for their money.

The Microwave Orphans Precise Microwave Orphans Order: 17 of the Worst Performances  track listing
1. intro
2. Happy Girl (Massapequa Bowl 5/23/97)
3. Hornswaggled (Dr Shay's 11/1/97)
4. Artie (Rocky Point VFW 1/26/97)
5. Backpack (Dr Shay's 5/18/97)
6. Amy's On Crack (Dr Shay's 10/19/97)
7. The Beach Song (Dead Milkmen) (?? 7/14/97)
8. I Wanna Be a Homo Sexual (Screeching Weasel) (Dr Shay's 4/13/97)
9. Talkshows and Broken Hearts (Matt's Living Room 7/19/97)
10. Artie (Gille's Backyard 6/14/97)
11. Railroad Love (Rock Lobster 4/4/98)
12. Jenny (Fabulous Jacks 4/5/98)
13. Imperial March/Busted Amps and Broken Strings (Massapequa Bowl 5/31/98)
14. Da Crack Haus Jam-Da Funk/Gimme Gimme Gimme (Black Flag)/Theme to a Spy Movie That Doesn't Exist/Vegan sXe Warrior (Crack Haus 7/3/98)
15. Freedom of Choice (Devo) (Josh's Basement 7/4/98)
16. Night of the Living Dead (Da Funky Fish 7/5/98)
17. The Time Warp (Richard O'Brien) (Mod Center 10/31/98)
18. Brisket (Huntington Knights of Columbus 5/29/98)

Download Here

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'd Rather Be Flying "Standing On the Shore Watching You Drown" & "Shadow Of a Doubt" (1998)

So now that I am unemployed I have far more time than I know what to do with, which is of course is a lie because anyone who knows me is well aware that I am always working on some sort of project. My days are generally filled resume sending and filling out applications. When that is not being done I am going to move full speed ahead in cranking out the real rarities in my collection- the tapes and vinyl. Just today I have ripped  three cassette releases and here is the first batch. Like I told you in my previous On the Might of Princes post that I wasn't done posting rarities from the band or related projects. Here is a probably little known solo project from the band's guitarist/singer Jason Rosenthal called I'd Rather Be Flying. Heavily influenced by Lou Barlow/Sentridoh and lo fi tape label stuff he created this moniker to record music under. Recorded all to four track Rosenthal displayed the same type energy, emotion and sincerity that he did with On the Might of Princes only through a acoustic guitar and some tape loops/guitar noise. The first track called "Standing On the Shore Watching You Drown" is featured on a emo/indie tape compilation called Like Two Kites Flying. Volume 1 which came out  on the Sweden based Communication Records and Mandarin Fanzine. The interesting thing about this song is that it did get turned into a early On the Might of Princes song that was recorded on a unreleased demo via reel to reel so most likely this will be the only opportunity for On the Might of Princes fans to hear the original song that was reworked by the band but never released. Who knows maybe one day they'll let people hear that unreleased demo... The other track is a super lo fi cover of Sonic Youth's "Shadow of a Doubt". I am fairly certain this track was never released anywhere. Jason recorded it and gave me a copy.

As far as other I'd Rather By Flying releases the only one I am certain exists is the track "Satellite" which appears on the Next Year We'll Be Robots Volume 1 cassette on Robin Hood Records that also featured Silver Scooter, Soul Junk, Rop Style UFO, Nova Scotias and others. I know Jason spoke of tapes he made and perhaps some other comp appearances but I am not certain as to the details. I do have one other unnamed track in my possession but upon hearing the song it sounds like it was a personal gift for someone special not to be shared. And it is master cassette for a 4 track. How I came about it is most  likely a result of doing some 4 track stuff at Tommy Orza's (OTMOP bassist) house one day and the tape someone ended up in my box of tapes. Most likely Tommy and Jason were doing some 4 track stuff and the cassette was one the floor and yeah. We were young and unorganized. What I am getting at it doesn't feel right sharing that tune. Unless of course Jason says it is okay...

In any event if you dig the version of "Caboose" on The Making of a Conversation or the original version of "An Illusion to Italy" than you'll love these two tracks.

Download Here

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So you had shows in a library???

Yes. We did. From December 1999 till early 2001 I somehow was able to book a series of monthly shows in the basement of the North Shore Public Library. It was pretty awesome while it lasted. How it went down was that Noah from Bo Coach introduced me to Peter Carrol-a super rad guy who worked for the library and wanted to do  something to bring more teenagers in the library. Using the shows through the North Shore Youth Council program as an example we touched base and just like that like clockwork I started booking shows there. We kicked off the first show with a show featuring Space Robot Scientists, Bo Coach and my old band Pale Marble Movie. Things went really, really well. The staff was very supportive. Kids came out in droves and the kicker was if kids weren't watching the show they were upstairs reading. It was a fun a time and lots of bands that couldn't get shows elsewhere were getting an opportunity to play. At some point the fun stopped because Peter Carrol stepped down from his position and retired and naturally the people taking over weren't as hip as he was. It was a quick, predictable bureaucratic decision that was handed down and was definitely a bummer to myself and  a lot of folks. Venues closing or stopping shows is par for the course in DIY but in hindsight I do have to say I don't think anyone really understood how much Peter Carrol and the supportive employees of the shows stuck their neck out for the program as they were certainly getting flack from the board, and the usual cast of old farts who complain about everything.  I had somewhat of a grasp on that so I was as diplomatic as possible in organizing with him but like I said I don't think I full realized how much heat he was under.

Here is a flier for one of my favorite shows at the library that included some of my favorite Long Island bands. This show was a birthday show for Knox Overstreet bassist Own Antku and had a fifth band on the bill who weren't on the flier, With Every Idle Hour. I have raved about Knox Overstreet a few times already in this blog and will continue to do so as I'll be ripping their 7 inches very soon but let me talk about some of the other bands.

Music who later went on to be known as Casa Negro were a three piece noisy post punk band that was a lot like Shellac, GodheadSilo, or Big Business. They were a great band that played out for a short period of time but if my memory serves me correct they only ever had one release under the name Music and that was the track "Not In The Fire" from The Hope Machine compilation which I have attached below. I am pretty sure that there was a Casa Negro demo or recording that was passed around friends. If not that would be a shame. I'll have to ask around.

Lord Humongous is band that has been around for quite awhile. I first came across them at some show at the Roadhouse Pub back in 1998 or thereabouts. And while they don't play shows anymore I recently spoke with guitarist Ned Overton who says they still rehearse and write. They play my kind of hardcore-noisy, screamy and a bit more expansive then the usual one-two punch type hardcore fare. They are a cross between The Last Crime and Scapegrace mixed post punk stuff like Rodan, June of 44 and New Plastic Ideas era Unwound. Chiming, discordant guitars with driving rhythms and frantic screams. For the longest time all they had recorded was a track for the Appropriate Response as well as an unreleased demo which was incredible and I am not sure why was never released. I need to find my copy of those tunes and rip em. Then they contributed the track "Desmond Tutu" for The Hope Machine which I have attached below as well and that wrapped up the era of the band with Steve McCarthy on vocals. He was replaced by John Gruber former bassist of Music/Casa Negro but they never recorded anything with him. Matt Roren of Microwave Orphans, The Reprecussions, etc became their most recent vocalist but after some shows and recording a EP for Example Such Cloth Hammer Engine Records was no longer involved with the project. A great band that writes great songs yet most people on Long Island have never heard them and most likely will never. An absolute crime. I definitely feel fortunate for the experience of getting to hear their music over the years.

Download MUSIC "Not in the Fire"

Download LORD HUMONGOUS "Desmond Tutu"

Monday, March 7, 2011

Check Ahoy!! I have a new blog!

Building off what I have started with Here On This Island I have started another blog called Away From This Island. This blog will focus on various genres of music I have encountered in my years involved with DIY whether from touring, booking shows, reviewing, trading records, carrying a record in the distro, etc. Anyhow check it out and spread the word.

My first entry is BRRR Summer Songs (Part One) which is indie pop in the vein of Jens Lekman, Mt Eerie, and Thanksgiving that features a member of Brown Recluse (Slumberland Records) and Pet Milk. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

On the Might of Princes "Live on WNYU" (on air recording/2001)

Here is double shot of On the Might of Princes stuff pulled out from the archives. First is a flier for the going away show for what was the send off of their first full US tour with Contra. Man, what an awesome show this was. On the Might of Princes as always was just incredible. It sounds silly but there was knot in my stomach because I at the time I couldn't bare the thought of going six weeks without seeing them playing. Back then it seemed like they were playing somewhere locally every weekend-trust me I do realize how fortunate I was to be able to see this amazing band week after week.after week. The same could be said though about a lot of bands. A funny story about this flier is that when On the Might of Princes was taking a lunch break while recording The Making of a Conversation at Paris Studios in Ronkonkoma the band ducked into a record store that was across the street and in there was a bin of promo flats and empty 45 sleeves for free. In there was this New Edition 45 sleeve, guitarist/vocalist Jason Rosenthal laughed, took it and months later I see it turn up again as this flier that I have posted here.

And the second bit of OTMOP rarity that I have for you today is a full live set that was done on the air at WNYU 89.1 FM in New York sometime in  late 2001. It was recorded by Steve Roche from Off Minor, who recorded a bunch of great on the air sets at WNYU in this period of time. At the time On the Might of Princes embarked on a few short tours/weekend trips with Massachusetts' screamo/emo band The Last Forty Seconds (pre Saddest Landscape/Her Breath on Glass) and this stint on WNYU was indeed one of those as Last Forty Seconds played on the air as well. Sadly, I don't have those tracks- if anyone has them feel free to send along.

The tracks captured on this performance document what On the Might of Princes were sounding like in the period that Where You Are and Where You Want to Be was out and about. The cool thing is that the set also captures the track "Go Fuck Yrself" when it was still a new tune. The version of The Water vs the Anchor on this set was previously released as a bonus track on the CD reissue of Where You Are and Where You Want to Be on Rok Lok Records and Eugenics Record Label. Now I am stoked to share with everyone the rest of the set. On the Might of Princes fans are just as passionate about the music as the band were so I always enjoy giving fans something "new" to sink their teeth into. Additionally, I'll have some more OTMOP live sets/rarities and related projects being posted in the future.

On the Might of Princes "Live on WNYU"
1. The Water vs The Anchor
2. Go Fuck Yrself
3. Thirteen Cheers for Beer & Bullshit
4. Old Wives Tale
5. For Meg

Download Here

Friday, March 4, 2011

For Serious This Time "I Hope It Pours" cd-r (Life On An Island/2007)

In spirit of recently having to unfortunately turn down the opportunity to take part in releasing music from this wonderful band, I feel compelled in some way to publicly show appreciation for the band For Serious This Time. I have mentioned them a few times here in this blog when posting about Screen House Music the side project of For Serious This Time's guitarist/vocalist Nicky Marino. The music found on I Hope It Pours is very different from the bouncy, note happy indie rock found on their current releases such as the outstanding When You're In It but that cd is still readily available from their own label Life On an Island so I can't as someone who runs a label in good confidence upload that album, which I must admit is the one I reach for most when I need a For Serious This Time fix. But with that being said I Hope It Pours while very different from the rest of the band's discography is still awesome in its own right and documents the humble beginnings of this band rather nicely.

In stark contrast to the Treepeople/Modest Mouse crossed with Capn' Jazz bouncy indie rock that For Serious This Time is known for I Hope It Pours for the most part is folk based indie rock with primarily acoustic guitars and vocals anchoring the songs though minimal percussion, field recordings and samples are thrown into the mix as well. This debut full length effort documents founding members Alex Gentile and Nicky Marino, and what they offer isn't too far off from Marino's Screen House Music project, Mountain Goats, early Bright Eyes and maybe even the Life Rocks album I posted awhile back. The music and lyrics are endearing with a youthful exuberance about that doesn't come off sounding silly to these old ears the way most music of this nature does. Perhaps it is the romantic imagery of Long Island and growing up here that they use in their songs that appeals to me so much. I can relate to that. I always loved growing up on this island and have positive memories of hanging out with friends and making our own brand of fun. For Serious This Time and pretty much all the music I hear coming from Life On an Island documents their own spin on growing up here but I can relate. And man I dig it.

Anyhow unlike previous Life On an Island releases that I have posted here where there were less than 20 copies made, 100 copies were made of I Hope It Pours though it is out of print. I am not sure if these tunes were included on the discography tape or not, I'll have to check. It really bums me out that I can't be a part of the release of their new 12 inch. Trust me folks the music is awesome and when it comes out later this year on Dead Broke Records and Life On an Island definitely pick it up. I will be carrying in the distro for sure. If real life wasn't so complicated right now and I already wasn't up to my neck in commitments on the label side of things I'd be all over it. In the mean time check out I Hope It Pours and also head on over to Life On an Island to pick up their other available releases.

I Hope It Pours track listing
1. September 4th 2005
2. New Things
3. Two trips
4. Want to Go Do Echoes?
5. Let's Go to the Cliff
6. Intermission
7. A Tin Within A Tin
8. Lucky 7's
9. Milk Bottle Mountain
10. Summer September
11. I Hope It Pours Tomorrow (This is the New Thing Pt 2)

Download Here