Sunday, July 17, 2011

Risk "Demo" cd-r (2010/self released)

Here is a fairly recent release but I am not really certain to the extent of which this material was made available or how many of this demo actually made it into the hands of folks so I figured why not share it. Risk, not to be confused with the band from the mid west this Risk is a four piece that resides in Brooklyn but two of the members were originally from Long Island and each in their own ways played significant roles in making Long Island DIY what it was in the late 90s/early 00s. Guitarist/vocalist Jay Melli was in bands such as Scent of Human History, Sometimes Walking Sometimes Running, United States, Jan Cux, etc while guitarist/vocalist Bryan Winston was a part of making the Long Island Freespace a reality.

Risk plays fast screamo/emo fury infused hardcore that reminds me of bands like Yaphet Kotto, Shotmaker, and even a bit of Kaospilot. A style of music that admittedly I listen to less and less these days but when done right I still absolutely love. You know classics never die and when I hear current bands of this ilk cherry pick the Ebullition archives so to speak I can't help but get excited. This four song demo cd-r comes packaged in a re-purposed brown paper bag with graphics glued on. Totally DIY packaging that really takes me back. I can't help but think of late night Kinko's hang outs with my friends making zines and demo packaging. Great stuff.

Risk "Demo" track listing
1. Need to Burn
2. Bombs Away
3. Living Dead
4. Bloodlines

Download Here

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Encrypt Manuscript "Dialogues" cd (Tone Library Collective/2003)

Today's upload comes courtesy of Encrypt Manuscript who burst onto the scene displaying exceptional, kinetic musicianship and a front man that had, as they say, a flair for the dramatic and with those things combined Encrypt Manuscript quickly became a formidable live band. Their music was a brand of high energy, math-y post hardcore that experimented with jazzy parts from time to time. Dialogues is the debut release from this band who as I stated in my previous post about their 7 inch, Encrypt Manuscript were a band that in my opinion didn't release enough material in their tenure as a band. Their releases progressively got better and better. Dialogues is a fantastic document of a very talented band finding its footing, and while it is a good document I do believe there are some steps along the way that feel a bit awkward when stacked next to their more or less flawless 7 inch and Census full length. Still Encrypt Manuscript lay fantastic framework of what to expect on future releases and even more so set the stage for their live show with a blistering At the Drive In meets Make Believe approach post hardcore. This is also the inaugural release on The Tone Library Collective label who released quite a few cool things in their short time releasing music including music for Rachel Jacobs, Empty Silos Echo War, The No Nucleus comp and of course material from Encrypt Manuscript. One of my favorite aspects about Encrypt Manuscript is that they seemed to appear almost randomly. They didn't play shows every weekend and like I said only had a handful of releases during their tenure as a band. So I guess what I am saying is that when they played it seemed all the more exciting. It was like "hey remember us?" and then you got floored. Seriously.

Encrypt Manuscript Dialogues track listing
1. Riot Cop Fox Trot
2. The Dead Sleep Here/Theme For Seagulls
3. Parabola Modes
4. How Do You Syllabicate Your Name?
5. (Re)consider The Hysterical Consortium

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Porcelain Decay "s/t" 7 inch (Sot Records/2000)

Okay folks... I am back. As promised I shall start to finish up the remaining uploads I have planned before unveiling my new blog (which I am very excited about). And I suppose you should be too if you like obscure indie rock/lo fi and shoegaze because I'll uploading plenty. Today's upload comes courtesy of a melodic DIY punk rock band called Porcelain Decay which featured current/ex members of Fellow Project, Bridge & Tunnel, Contra, Church of the Rowdy, and 3 Mylile. They played catchy, politically charged DIY punk rock and outside of this 7 inch the only other thing the band released to my knowledge was a track and in my opinion their best one to the "Who Has Two Thumbs and Loves Long Island Punk and Hardcore" 7 inch compilation on Traffic Violation Records. Porcelain Decay were a ton of fun live and you can guarantee that vocalist "Lord Snake" (Adam from Contra) would put his fingers in a gun formation to his head mid song at least five times a set every time they played. I know right now somewhere my good buds Joe and Tia are wondering "why is Mike posting this" but the fact remains that Porcelain Decay were an integral part of what was going in the late  90s Long Island DIY scene so I'd be completely remiss if I were to not share it. Personally speaking I feel the music does have a rather dated quality to it but that is just fine with me. This vintage Long Island Y2K DIY punk rock! Enjoy!

Porcelain Decay "s/t" 7 inch track listing
1. DIY Revolution
2. Punk Rock High Pt 2
3. Down In It
4. Porcelain Decay

Download Here