Sunday, March 13, 2011

Prescott C "2 Song Tape" cassette (self released/2000)

Previously I had posted a release from Bricks For Shoulders called You Are Therefore I am and in that post I mentioned that Bricks For Shoulders came from the ashes of the band Prescott C. Here is a release from that band. I am not sure if the cassette has an official name or not but I just refer to it at as 2 Song Tape because well there are two songs on it...I picked up this cassette for myself and the distro at a show that my old band played with Prescott C at The Classic Cakes Cafe. Man that was a fun spot for shows. Th lead track "What I Learned at the Opera" appeared on The Hope Machine compilation  and the other track "This Is My Spring" only appeared here. Anyhow, Prescott C was a loud, bombastic post hardcore guitar/drums duo with both members trading off vocals. Their music was a mix between bands like Smile, Sleepytime Trio, Hum, and Kerosene 454. They used to play out a lot and they were rather prolific with releases in their time as a band. I am never quite sure why Prescott C were never really able to solidify someone in the bass role but regardless they were able to keep everything sounding tight as just a duo. Guitarist Steven Dejoseph played blisteringly loud through two guitar cabinets and Tom Crooke pounded away on the skins furiously ultimately proving to be quite a formidable live band.

Listed below is a discography of the band's output to the best of my recollection. I am pretty sure that I am missing a few comp appearances.

-Somewhere in the Distance cassette/cd-r
-2 Song Tape cassette
-Low Flying Planes EP cd-r
-Unreleased ep

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