Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Intransit "Demo" cassette (self released/1999)

Why am I still up at 2:30 am?? Being unemployed makes one not only poorer but sleep deprived and a little batty...

One of the earliest post on this blog was a the self titled four song cdep from the Selden based Intransit. In that post I mentioned that the band had one other release, a previous demo cassette and that I would upload it at some point. Well that point is now. This is a five song effort showcasing five excellent mid tempo post hardcore tunes that recall the sounds of Quicksand, Hum and Jawbox. This four piece consisted of Mark Pernice (guitar/vocals), Scott Altman (guitar), Karen Ciafonne (bass) and Steve Gache (drums). Pernice and Altman went on to play in Come Down while Ciafonne and Gache went on to play in This Year's Model and Bravado, though Gache would trade in the drum kit for guitar duties in both of those bands. Anyhow, Intransit were a good band with good people but unfortunately that wasn't enough to keep the ship afloat as the band disbanded not to long after the release of the self titled cdep. Which is an absolute shame as I felt around that time the band's sound was really starting to shine and if I am not mistaken the lion's share of that material was never recorded. With those later songs I felt a strong Hum Downward is Heavenward influence especially on the guitar sounds as they were getting really thick sounding. I would almost say that there was a hint of shoegaze influence towards the end but alas some things just aren't meant to be documented, just to happen in the moment. Regardless, I feel fortunate that I got to watch the band develop in a short period of time.

I would say that on this five song demo cassette there is more of emphasis on the Quicksand and Jawbox influence, which of course is never a bad thing. It is solid. Also I am certain that the version "Netself" on this demo is the same that appears on the cdep. The one thing I will say is that I wish everyone could see the packaging/layout on this tape as I always found it very striking. Granted by today's standards no big deal but back in 1999 just about every demo or even any other DIY release looked like dog shot, so to get this demo with a full color glossy double sided j-card and printed cassette labels it was a real treat. Anyhow check out the Intransit Demo and if you missed it go back and download the self titled cdep.

Intransit Demo track listing
1. Redshift
2. Netself
3. Now You've Done It
4. Otto
5. Gestalt

Download Here

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