Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Screen House Music "Volume 2: For Reading To" cd-r (self released/2006)

Last night it snowed and this morning it is raining so in searching for a soundtrack to get my day started I couldn't find a better collection of songs to fit the inclement mood outside than Screen House Music's Volume 2: For Reading To. So it is only fitting that I share this album with you. A lot of the music I share here is rare in the sense that not many physical copies of these releases were made. Mostly demos just to be sold at local shows or to be shared with friends, not to be part of some mass production. And no release would be truer than this sophomore Screen House Music release as my copy is numbered 11 out of 13! I don't point that out as some sort of collector nerd type of "hey look what I have" but more as man, what a shame that this music wasn't initially shared with more people as it is just a fantastic document of the growth that was taking place in songwriter Nicky Marino's wonderful little Screen House Music project.

For those of you missed my previous post regarding Screen House Music's debut cd-r release; first go download it now but as a brief recap/run down of what the project is all about...Since 2006 and based out of Northport Nicky Marino; also known for his work in the wonderful indie rock band For Serious This Time has released several cd-rs and tapes as well as compilation appearances that chronicles music that can best be described as a organic hybrid of folk, bedroom pop, ambient and lo-fi shoegaze. Automatically I am reminded of stuff like Dump, Secret Stars, and a whole slew of great music from 90s tape labels like Shrimper, Cactus Gum, Catsup Plate, etc. The bulk of his music is instrumental but has a strong voice in the sense that the melodies created within the music while subdued and generally minimal it all resonates rather nicely. Unlike a lot of music of this ilk that can just be forgettable background music; Marino has a uncanny ability to have listeners be completely enveloped by the layers of sound and melodies he creates. Plain and simple; if you like good music that is honest and comes from a place that is simply just about creating music then don't waste a minute in downloading Screen House Music Volume 2: For Reading To.

Screen House Music Volume 2: For Listening To track listing
1. Before Rain, Grey
2. Phone Rings, Start Over
3. Miss the Bus, Better Day
4. Discovering
5. Weeks Street
6. Things to Rely On
7. I Really Don't Remember
8. P.J Branch
9. Source
10. Landscape
11. Top of the Gap

Download Here

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