Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Matthew Winn "Home and Time EP" cd-r (self released/2004)

Here is a release that in listening to it once again for this post I do believe I enjoy significantly more than when I originally heard it and subsequently reviewed it for Under the Volcano. Home and Time EP is a five song EP that would serve as a precursor to songwriter Matthew Winn's Wildebeest project in which he just performed under his own name. The five songs captured on Home and Time EP is more or less identical to Wildebeest so fans of Wildebeest's wonderful Motion and Language will be very pleased to hear this batch of songs.In fact there is an early version of the song "Living and Dying" that goes under the name of "Blurring the Line" that is a fairly different arrangement so yet another treat for Wildebeest fans. Some of these songs I'd say give Motion and Language's finest tunes a run for their money; in particular "These Sounds Are From Home". Everything about this song sits pretty darn well with me. Winn on this batch of songs is able to mesh a musical maturity with a youthful exuberance which I don't think I full appreciated until recently. I am not sure how many of these cd-rs were circulated so I am absolutely thrilled to share this nice batch of tunes with everyone. I am certain there are fans of Motion and Language that never heard this who would be ecstatic. And for those not familiar with Winn or his Wildebeest project; if you are into indie/folk stuff like Simon Joyner, early Hayden or Will Simmons then you may really dig this.

Matthew Winn Home and Time EP
1. Battle of Fort Slongo
2. A View of Paris
3. Browns and Greens
4. These Sounds Are From Home
5. Blurring the Line

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