Monday, October 4, 2010


In the process of putting this blog together lots of thoughts ran through my head. Where I have been and where I am going. The friends whom I no longer see and the friends whom I still do see. How rough growing up was yet how fun it was at the same time. And when I think about it while mistakes were made I can honestly say I would never want to change a single thing. Growing up on Long Island which seemed to be a living hell to most people whom I encountered over the years, I saw growing up here as a blessing more than anything. A blessing because of the absolutely vibrant creative community that I feel fortunate enough to have witnessed and ultimately be a part of  not as a patron of shows but being in my own bands, running label/distro, booking shows, writing zines, etc. When not much of anything in the "real world" made sense to me every weekend when there was a show at a house, beach, bar, teen center, library, bowling alley, etc. and peers would pour their hearts out that is when everything made sense. And while the years passed have removed some of the idealism, so much of that period of time still makes a lot of sense. Certainly those weekends of doing nothing meant everything and will be a part of me forever.

With all of that being said the goal of this blog is to share with everyone music created by friends that most likely never left Long Island and perhaps specific pockets of time. Forever etched in time via hobbled together cassette demos or cd-rs or for the lucky ones some vinyl or pressed cds, that were a document and celebration of youth and the sharing of ideas. Documents that perhaps for most have become dusty artifacts somewhere in a box in our basements or under neath our beds. In shifting my life into the next stage, that is a close approximation for why I am starting this blog. While the memories were never forgotten or the knowledge of having accumulated years of demos, cds, vinyl, etc that was a document of that time period most was largely put off to the side collecting dust. Now I'd like to wipe off the dust and share with everyone not only part of me but a part of Long Island. Enjoy!

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  1. Mike, thank you for doing this. These were some of the most thrilling moments of my 20's. Now in my mid-30's, married and a father, I only hope my daughter and any other children I have will have the exposure to such a pure form of creativity as I did. I know I'm romanticizing quite a bit, but the fact is I learned a lot from the bands and people we played with, even if I didn't realize it at the time. Viva El Club Paul. - Sean Hanney