Monday, October 18, 2010

Fuck Cops "Demo" cd-r (Burn It Down Rebuild/2003)

Today's post while was certainly going to be posted at some point, is going up as per request of Mac over on Viva La Vinyl. So here you go and enjoy! There was a period (and I guess it still prevails but truthfully "scene" happenings haven't been on my radar for some time now) where good, solid hardcore with thoughtful lyrics gave way to a brand of of melodic "hardcore" nonsense singing some white boy suburban blues that seems to be all the rage on Long Island. I mean what scene doesn't need nearly two dozen Lifetime and Kid Dynamite rip offs? Ugh... Anyhow in 2003 a very short lived band called Fuck Cops (aka The Local Conservative Commission)  was forged by members of Contra, Latterman, Fellow Project, and Grid Iron to remedy the situation and makes Long Island Hardcore not be a four letter word even for a short period of time. Growing up on bands like Dead Kennedys, Born Against and then local hardcore bands like Campaign I could never get into these so called hardcore bands that were popping up all over Long Island that just sang about girls breaking their hearts or whatever the fuck. And while I certainly had my brush with youthful idealism I don't think I ever really thought punk and hardcore lyrics could change the world or whatever but I did (and still do) like that idea of using the form as a means of exchange ideas and being a launch pad for young people to express their anger for shit going in the world. Because look around-there is a lot to get angry about and think those things should be discussed by whatever means necessary, so why not song form? And that is one thing that I just couldn't wrap my head around. Post 9/11 there was even more to be angry about, yet it seems no one was angry enough or wanted to us the forum of punk and hardcore to be a forum to confront or discuss any of that. Long Island "hardcore" seemed content just having a good time and while I support a good time as much as anyone else I also appreciate music and art that has substance. So I guess what I am saying, while I generally am not into preachy types of music or art- I DO appreciate and enjoy music or art that challenges perceptions and goes against the grain. As far as I am concerned the grain on Long Island for too long was hardcore that wasn't all that hard and Fuck Cops were just the edge that was the opposite of what was going and that spoke to me very loudly.

So yeah with a name like Fuck Cops you can certainly expect very political, heavy, metallic at times hardcore. Fuck Cops was short lived but they certainly played a important part in the vibrant DIY punk/hardcore scene on Long Island in the early 2000s. And while most will discard on the basis of being political-for those who were there can attest to how active the scene was with challenging bands of varying genres/sounds but decidedly punk in their actions, and how basement shows, zines, activism and organizing flourished in this period. And Fuck Cops and their members certainly played a huge role in all of that. Thank you Fuck Cops for the brief but rad memories.

Fuck Cops "Demo" track listing

1. "Song Luke"
2. "Song Paul"
3. "Song Mary And The Immaculate Conception"
4. "Song Matthew"

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