Sunday, February 20, 2011

Remember-If It's On Eiffel, It's out of this world!!!

That was the little tag line that was included in The Mutes Brothers Isn't It Neat Being Unique?cassette on Eiffel Trousers Records (which I shall be uploading in the near future) but this flyer posted is for what was essentially a Eiffel Trousers Records showcase as all of the bands save for The Peawees had releases on the label. As I wrote  previously Eiffel Trousers Records was a label that was run by Microwave Orphans front man Matt Roren and existed in the late 90s. The label hosted a varied discography that included bands such as his own Microwave Orphans as well as the Space Robot Scientist. Ska/surf/pop of Freaks from the Apocalypse. Melodic pop punk of Supermatchboxx, Embarrassing Wrecks, Whoopie Cushion, Milton, Clump, and 48 in the Basement,  4 track weirdness of Caroline's Pneumatic Drapery, Tork & Co., indie rock of Book Store, On the Might of Princes,The Mutes Brothers, and Potbelly Bandits. They were a label that primarily released cassettes but over the years cds were issued as well. ETR did an excellent job of documenting what was going on that time and made sure to have fun while doing it. 

 And the site of this show is from The Massepequa Bowl- a venue that I saw several excellent shows at most notably the last Striped Basstards show which was tons of fun but insanely packed and hot as hell. Anyhow, it wasn't too out of the ordinary in the late 90s to see shows with The Microwave Orphans, Freaks From the Apocalypse and 48 in the Basement playing together in fact it was quite regular but what makes this show special is that it featured a rare live performance from ETR's resident experimental/lo fi/weirdo/psych rock out fit Caroline's Pneumatic Drapery who to my ears only existed on cassette as well as The Peawees a band from Italy who had just around the time of this show released their album on another local record label Motherbox Records. And while the Peawees' wannabe Ramones styled punk rock didn't do much for me I was pretty blown away that a band from Italy was putting a record out on a Long Island label and would actually come to Long Island and PLAY. I was still relatively young so it definitely had a "wow" factor to me.

Something about this flier always struck me and I had it hanging in my various bedrooms for years. It was a real sharp looking flier that stood out from the usual photocopy fare. I am not sure if this comes through at all but this flier was printed on reflective card stock. Nice!

One last thing... I shall get back to regular posts soon. This week I joined the unemployed club so most of my time recently has been spent looking for a new job and trying to figure out ways to conjure up cash (i.e Ebay) so I can survive in the space in between jobs. Thanks for reading everyone and once again your support/feedback is greatly appreciated.


  1. Thanks for calling CPD special. I love you. Seriously, it's great to have you posting this stuff.

  2. no worries ma. Do you have digital rips of the CPD tapes? If so I'd love to have them and I'd be stoked to share them with folks here. The only digital stuff I have of your stuff is the AKA Simons cd-r you gave me.