Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Small Arms Dealer "The Hot Knives EP" cd-r (self released/2004)

First off, sorry for the lack of posts lately I have been busy with work and label stuff but fret not I shall try and get back up to speed with at least 2-3 posts a week. Anyhow here we go with today's post...

Small Arms Dealer's debut release, their titled demo The Hot Knives EP!!! In what was as close to a "all star band" as you can get Small Arms Dealer featured ex- members of Explosivo!, The Devil Himself, A Boy Called Spite, The Howards, Contra, On the Might of Princes and Fellow Project; Small Arms Dealer came onto the scene I believe in 2004 and played explosive indie/pop punk with dual guitar attack and  great vocals and lyrics which seems to be a staple of all the projects that Lubrano/Beaker are involved with. The songs in all of their projects but especially Small Arms Dealer are insanely catchy but not in a vapid manner at all, in some ways it is pretty damn smart as there is plenty of note happy guitar work that generally isn't associated with pop punk. There is a real sense of driving energy about all of the songs yet that intensity never sacrifices the pure hook in each every one of their songs. And this formula continued on their subsequent follow up full lengths A Single Unifying Theory and The Patron Saint of Disappointment which were released on Deep Elm Records.

Two summers ago Small Arms Dealer played their last shows with a afternoon show at the Dead Broke House and a evening finale at Mr Beery's-regrettably I wasn't able to make it as I was attending to my dog who had fallen ill. I have to say, honestly, a knot gets tighter in my stomach when anyone mentions either show saying how amazing it was because I can only imagine. I would've love to sing along with those songs one more time.

Members of the Small Arms Dealer went on to various projects with Lubrano and Beaker once again teaming up again in Wax Phantom who have a ep out on Dead Broke Records. Additionally, Lubrano teamed up with Phil Douglas (Latterman, Solidarity Pact), whom played drums with Small Arms Dealer the last couple of years, to start Iron Chic who thus far have released a demo, 7 inch and full length album on Dead Broke Records/86'd Records. Lou Fontana now plays guitar in Fellow Project. Steve Andolpho watches New Jersey Devils hockey while original drummer Adam Kuhn still likes snakes.

The cool thing about The Hot Knives EP is that out of ep's five songs only two were re-recorded for later releases. Personally, I prefer when bands don't re-record material so for the nerd in me that is a reason I wanted to share this ep with everyone-also because it fucking rules. Additionally, I should add that Small Arms Dealer recorded a few songs before they broke up but I don't believe they were ever released or shared. At some point do hope they do because those tunes were aces. And knowing my luck here is the part where inevitably someone will tell me that those songs were released as a last show exclusive or something...

Small Arms Dealer The Hot Knives EP track listing
1. "Tonight...On a Very Special Episode"
2. "The Hot Knives Technique"
3. "Scumbagsville, CT"
4. "Robotic Man of the Future (Mini Robot 100%)"
5. "Who?...Me?"

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  1. Love Iron Chic and the Wax Phantom demo, looking forward to checking this out...