Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Knox Overstreet/Radio Raheem "split" 7 inch (Pony Collision/2002)

Free time has been in extreme short order so maintaining either of the blogs has been extremely difficult. Good thing I didn't go ahead with my third blog sharing my entire indie/shoegaze/lo fi vinyl/tape collection. I guess that will have to wait til the fall. In any event here is a record that I was meaning to upload a few weeks ago, the split 7 inch between Knox Overstreet and Radio Raheem. Somehow, someway this record wound up in my hands. I wasn't able to get any for the distro but I Phil Sutton (drummer for Radio Raheem) was kind enough to hook up one of their biggest fans with a copy of this awesome but poorly distributed (as far as I can tell) record. Many of my friends from those days who enjoyed both Knox Overstreet and Radio Raheem didn't even know that this record existed. Crazy! Anyhow each band offers up a track and they are both on their A games. I have posted a few releases from both Knox Overstreet and Radio Raheem- don't be a tool download them all.

Download Here

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